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Optimal Reservoir Operation Policy Using Fuzzy Linear Programming

India is densely populated country. Due to rapid growth of population and economic development, water is becoming a precious and scarce resource as a result of growing demands. In India, monsoon occurs between June and September. So the storage of rain water is important for economic growth. As the effect of it, reservoir system and water resource management has been developed. Reservoir systems have objectives like irrigation for multi crops, hydropower, water supplies, navigation, etc. The main advantage of reservoir storage is that the stored water can be used as per the requirement of crops, rather than depending on rainfall or nature. In reservoir operation, allocation is the main concept, to achieve the best possible performance of the system, decisions need to be taken on releases and storages over a period of time considering the variations in inflows and demands. Water resource allocation problem can be solve by various techniques like, linear programming, dynamic programming, stochastic dynamic programming, nonlinear programming along with some fuzziness is consider at various level. To get the solution of such problems which consists of conflicting objectives effective optimization technique can be used to get the better output. In this study, the problem is solved by linear programming considering fuzziness in objective function and in irrigation demand. Fuzzy linear programming is implemented to get the optimal reservoir operating policies of the Karanjwan reservoir of Maharashtra state, India. The satisfaction level is obtained as 0.5058 and corresponding optimal releases for irrigation are 88.5124 Mm3. The release policy of reservoir obtained by fuzzy linear programming are compared with linear programming. Keywords´┐Ż Reservoir optimization, Optimal operating policy, Fuzzy linear programming, linear programming, LINGO, etc.