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Effect of Drying Temperature on Qualities of Brown Glutinous Rice

Brown glutinous rice (BGR) has lower quality in term of textural property than white brown rice (WGR). This problem affects the popularity of product. Drying temperature is very important parameter affecting the textural properties of BGR. It provides the better textural properties because of the modification of starch granules. The high drying temperature caused the large pin holes in the starch granules, leading to higher water uptake and solid loss, resulting in the lower hardness and higher stickiness of BGR. It also decreased the pasting properties of BGR. However, the high drying temperature did not show up the difference of GI value between dried BGR and reference BGR. More importantly, sensory analysis results revealed that the overall acceptability of cooked dried BGR was higher than that of cooked reference BGR and not different with compared to the reference WGR. Index Terms´┐ŻGlutinous rice, Fluidized bed, Glycemic index, Textural property.