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Conjugate Free Convection in a Square Cavityfilled With Nanofluid and Heated From Below Byspatial Wall Temperature

The problem of conjugate free convective in a square cavity filled with nanofluid and heated from below by spatial wall temperature is studied numerically using the finite difference method. Water-based nanofluid with copper nanoparticle are chosen for the investigation. Governing equations are solved over a wide range of nanoparticle volume fraction (0≤ϕ≤0.2), wave number (0≤λ≤4) and thermal conductivity ratio (〖0.44≤K〗_r≤6).Theresults presented for values of the governing parameters in terms of streamlines, isotherms and average Nusselt number. It is found that the flow behavior and the heat distribution are clearly enhanced with the increment of the non-uniform heating. Keywords- Conjugate, free convection, Nanofluid, Spatial temperature.