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To Study The Durian Seed As A New Substrate For Bolus In Radiotherapy

Bolus which have tissues characteristics properties is used for equate the irregular patient contour and increasing the skin dose of patient. Durian seed gum is an organic substance used as new material for fabricating the bolus in radiotherapy. The durian seed gum was blended with polyvinyl alcohol, glycerol and formalin in order to prepare the bolus. The major objective of this study was to assess the feasibility of using durian seed gum as a bolus in radiotherapy and evaluate the dosimetric properties such as mass density, relative electron density, and transmission factors by using Computed tomography and linear accelerator. Evaluation of the results assessed showed that the dosimetric properties of fabricated bolus have a good similarity to water. Referring to the results of this study and other properties such as flexibility and harmlessness, it is proposed that durian seed gum is a suitable substance to be used as bolus in radiotherapy. Keywords- Bolus, Durian seed gum, Dosimetric properties, Radiotherapy.