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Peace Survey � A Tool For Peacebuilding in the Deep South of Thailand

The violence called the �Southern Fire� in the southernmost provinces of Thailand is one of the most prolonged ethno-religious conflicts in Southeast Asian region. Almost every day innocent people have been killed since the upsurge in the insurgency in 2004. It has been over a decade but the violent situation seems to be continuing and an end to the conflict is not being reached. Ones of the key recommendations that can help to support peace building process are trust and understanding the needs of the locals. Fortunately, the peace survey project has been initiated in the deep south of Thailand early in 2015. The area of peace survey covers the three southernmost provinces, including Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat plus four districts of Songkhla province. This project is very significant as this is a significant step of Thailand in creating a peace survey as an extra tool to resolve the ethno-religious conflict in the south. The purpose of this paperis to introduce the peace survey project as a tool to get people participation in peace process. A quantitative method by questionnaire is used in this research. This paper presents the results about relationship between people from the two cultures and roles of key players in the peace process. Keywords� Peace Survey, Southern Thailand, People Participation, Peacebuilding.