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Enhancing The Ability of Agriculture Practitioners of Government Sectors in Order to Support Thai Farmers Based on The �Self-Reliant� Concept

This research aimed to study guidelines to enhance the ability of agriculture practitioners in order to support Thai farmers based on the concept of self-reliance. The target group included the leader of the farmers of 742 people from 76 provinces of Thailand. The results showed that 85.2 percent of farmers were over 45 years old and the younger generation was not interested in continuing professional agriculture. They evaluated their career ability in an average level. ( = 3.48 S.D. = .597). The farmers experienced production problems, lack of knowledge in the manufacturing, marketing, good management and value added in production as well as lack of access to a funding source in manufacturing. However, the guidelines used by theagricultural sector organizations to promote agriculture needs improvement to increase the farmers� knowledge on agricultural production techniques, to enhance the value of agricultural products as well as marketing and good management to support knowledge that meets the needs of farmers. Indexterms- Agriculture enhancement, Agriculture practitioner, Self-reliant farmers.