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SCFLOW: A Model For Evaluating Virtual Community Enjoyment of Collaboration

Due to the rapid growth and competition in e-commerce and social media websites, the issue of how to motivate users to extend their "duration time" has become a topic of interest. Theories on "flow", "motivation", and "charisma" were regularly drawn upon to explore this issue. In this study, a conceptual model of Social media community (named as "SCFlow") including of 1) the core values of the virtual community, 2) flow elements and 3) criteria of flow elements, will be used to develop model for measuring experiences of user enjoyment on virtual community in social media websites. The model consists of eight flow elements: attractiveness, concentration, curiosity, immersion, achievement, control, playfulness and network externalities, and the elements - the norm activation, reasoned action, social adaption and social identity - for improving the cooperative behavior between community members. Index terms- A Virtual Community, Flow Experience, Perceived Enjoyment, Social adaption.