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Fabrication Of Macroscale Graphene Fibers Via Wet Spinning

There has been greatly interest in macroscale graphene based wearable electronics, wearable energy devices and wire shapedelectronic devices for applications flexible, wearable and stretchable electronics. Integration of graphene flakes into macroscopic fibers with controllable physical properties is a very important way for their application.The main goal of this study is to investigate physical properties of graphene based fibers fabricated with different size of building blocks. A facile and effective density gradient centrifugation method was carried out for size sorting of graphene oxide flakes. Macroscopic graphene fibers were continuously spun from graphene oxide/water suspensionsfollowed by chemical and thermal reductions to obtain reduced graphene oxide fibers.All wet spinning parameters such as suspension concentration, injection rate and nozzle diameters were fixed to reveal the effect ofaverage building block size on the structural features and mechanical properties of graphene based fibers.After all assessments we found that large size and interaction between building blocks namely graphene oxide flakes have an influential effect on mechanical properties of fibers. Keywords- Graphene, Graphene Fiber, Wet Spinning.