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Selecting The Suitable E-Learning Method

This paper is trying to discuss the use of e-learning and the best method for utilizing e-learning technology. Features of e-learning and its advantage for students, instructors and the institutions are elaborated as well as the types of instruction delivery in e-learning. Two methods of e-learning, which are online learning and blended learning, were discussed. The paper also discussed the major factors to be considered in selecting the suitable method for achieving the learning outcomes. Some studies were presented to show the main features of these two methods and to compare between them. The result reached from this discussion is that even though e-learning can not be suitable for all instruction situations but still it is a very powerful tool for enhancing the educational process and achieving the educational goals. For achieving the best results it is recommended to use the blended learning which combine the benefits of online learning and face-to-face learning. Keywords- E-Learning; Delivery method; Blended learning; Online learning