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Designing The Urban Landslide Hazard Zone: Focusing On Ui-Dong Areabukhansan National Park

Though the mountain landscape has been a great pride in Korea, mountains of Seoul are deforested, and rivers are straightened caused by reckless urban sprawl and river maintenance projects recently. Therefore, landslide and urban flood are drastically increasing. Especially in Ui-dong Gangbuk-gu, some parts of Bukhan Mountain are cut and replaced by apartments and commercial facilities since early 2000s.The city of Seoul and local government designated the site as landslide hazard zone in 2011. As a result, the city of Seoul and local governmentare planning to construct thousands of debris barrier around Ui stream for preventing landslide, however concrete made barrier threatens ecosystem and harms natural landscape. Developments are uncontrolled, providing problems downstream. Moreover, natural and historical values are ignored, because of a single focus on technical water control. The site is zoned with three parts according to the utilization of runoff water. In zone1, dense vegetation slows down the runoff flow. Zone 2 collects those water. The water is utilized for community forest and garden.Zone 3 filters water and release it to city center.The whole idea of runoff water circulation mitigates landslide and vitalizes local community with ecosystem as a buffer zone between nature and urban center.The proposal claims to enhance the water buffer function of a typical upstream catchment area of the Seoul river system, at the same time opening it up to public use, making use of the history and topography of the site. Keywords- landslide, upstream catchment, recreational use, sustainability,historical value