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The Study of Relationships of Guest Experience to Relationship Strengthin Hotel Industry

In recent years, more hotels hope to strengthen the corporate identity of hotel guests through experiential marketing practices. This is because hotel guests currently are not only concerned about the value of the accommodation itself or service, thus they hope to make hotel guests to increase a set of values of the hotel by offering good experiences. Many scholars proposed the concept of hotel Guest experience, as opposed to the traditional marketing focus on the performance and benefits of commodity, providing value of senses, feelings, thinking, action and relationships. Using this concept to explain the invisible and the emphasis on the experience demands of service, for the hospitality industry, 'experience' is the key element of evaluation of the hotel. Due to staying hotel and providing services are proceeded at the same time, the Guest experience will lead to hotel guests� behavior, feeling and thinking and others when they stay at a hotel, which will also affect hotel guests� perception of the hotel service image. Currently Guest experience strategies are most widely used in hotel industry, the main purpose is to be able to enhance the strength of the relationship between hotel guests and hotels, because to increase the strength of the relationship will make the hotel's profit enhance in parallel. Therefore, in this study, we propose the relationships among Guest experience, Experience value, Guest satisfaction, Relationship bonds, and Relationship strength on hotel guests. Guest experience will have a positive effect on Relationship strength directly. Guest satisfaction, Experience value and Relationship bonds will have parametric effects between Guest experienceand Relationship strength. There will be a positive relationship among Guest experience, Experience value and Relationship strength; Guest experience, Guest satisfaction and Relationship strength; Guest experience, Relationship bonds and Relationship strength. Experience value also will positively affect Guest satisfaction, and Guest satisfaction has a positive impact on Relationship bonds. Keywords� Guest experience, Guest satisfaction, Experience value, Relationship bonds, Relationship strength.