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Design And Behavior Analysis of Prefabricated Modular Ferrocement Floor Slab System For Interior Application

This research is focused on a new interior floor slab system, which can be prefabricated in modular form out of ferrocement technology. The design of the system is outlined using the mechanics of materials and the theory of plates, and the American Concrete Institute (ACI) guide for ferrocement design. All constituent materials were tested to conform to the ACI and applicable American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards. The cement mortar�s water-cement ratio of 0.485, cement-sand ratio of 1:2.75, and the wire mesh reinforcement used was a galvanized square welded mesh �� x �� opening of 0.95mm diameter. The results from materials tests were used in the design, modeled to meet the geometric, serviceability, and strength requirements. A 600mm x 600mm x 40mm is the final design output, with 8mm skeletal steels that served as connection studs with two layers of wire mesh. The slab modules were tested to a central load using a universal testing machine (UTM) and based on the results, the behavior of the ferrocement modules conforms to the theoretical formulations and the requirements for serviceability and flexural strength are attained. An actual application was engaged to determine the material usage, productivity rates, and direct cost comparison with the ordinary reinforced concrete slab for an area of 2.52m x 2.95m that resulted to 7.47% construction cost savings. This is further supplemented by the additional savings from reduction of the dead weight of the slab system about 38.71% of the conventional. It is therefore concluded that ferrocement is an excellent and safe technology for an interior prefabricated modular slab design and there is economic savings in this technology. Keywords- Interior Floor Slab; Prefabricated Ferrocement Slab; Slab Design; Reinforced Concrete Slab.