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Task Based Learning in Teaching English

This study is intended to increase students achievement of English subject by implementing Task Based Learning (TBL) method in English classroom of Law Faculty Students. The problem related to the topic of the study is: How is the application of the TBL in improving student achievement in the teaching of English in Law Faculty Students and the subjects of the research were Law Faculty students. This study can be classified into a classroom action research. The research took six months, from September 2014 to Desember 2014. The research was conducted in class 1 semester I in the academic year of 2014/2015 with the students number of 51 students. The data were collected by using observation, interview, questionnaire, and documentation. The finding of the study shows that TBL in Law Faculty is able to improve students achievement. The result showed that there was a significant increasing reached by the students, where they can improve their English skills, especially reading and writing skills. It can be seen that the result of teaching and learning using TBL is better than that not using TBL with the mean difference of was 6.3316. The result of t-test was 4,945, it shown that the difference was significant at the probability level of p = < 0,05. Keywords´┐Ż Task Based Teaching, English Skill, Student Achievement.