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Physical Properties Of Cassava (Manihot Esculenta) Stem From Different Sections

Physical properties of wood are important to obtain so that suitability of wood used in manufacturing can be determined. The study was done to investigate the physical properties of cassava stem along its height with each portions which are top, middle and bottomcut with alength of range between 1to 3 meter. By doing this research, it was found that the highest fresh wood moisture content of cassava was found at bottom, followed by middle and top. For oven dried moisture content, the highest moisture content was recorded as bottom followed by top and middle. Meanwhile, for density it can be seen that middle parts has the highest reading compared to other sections. Lastly, results shows that middle has the highest percentage for radial shrinkage and swelling, compared to top and bottom. Tangential swellingshows that middle has the lowest reading while in tangential shrinkage middle has the highest percentage. For longitudinal, there is no significant differences compared to all readings whether in swelling and shrinkage. Keywords´┐Ż Cassava Stem, Physical Properties, Sections of Stem.