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Hydrogen Production From Biodiesel Waste Waterby Steam Reforming

H2 production from biodiesel waste water was investigated. The effect of parameter such as the type of mesoporous (SBA-15 and MCM-41) and the type of metallic (Ni and Mg) were determined at space velocity of 16,000 h-1. 2.5% of Nickel and2.5% of Magnesium were incorporated to SBA-15 by wetness impregnation followed by calcination to obtain the corresponding oxides. And study the feasibility to remove the chemical oxygen demand (COD).The optimum condition for the higher hydrogen selectivity from biodiesel waste water by stream reforming was at temperature700◦C for 2 hour by using 2.5Ni-SBA-15 and can remove the chemical oxygen demand (COD) from biodiesel waste water. Keywords´┐Ż Biodiesel Waste Water, Steam Reforming, SBA-15, Ni catalysts, Mg catalysts, COD.