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Development Of PV Catchment Mechanism For Rainwater Harvesting In Malaysia

This study demonstrates a rainwater harvesting approach via Solar Photovoltaic (PV) array catchment embedded with a simple Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) guttering mechanism as the collective device. The issue of freshwater resources being continuously contaminated and polluted deemed to create water supply shortages. In urban areas where working population dominates, demands for freshwater supply increases rapidly over the years which lowers the government�s capability to supply and keeping in pace with the basic need in the near future. The Rainwater Harvesting PV (RWHPV) collector apart from the normal function of electricity generation is suggested as means of new attempts for resource recovery furthermore neglecting waste of water and flooding. The system comprises main component of 1kWp fixed flat monocrystalline PV modules of 3.6m (Length) by 2.4m (Width) constructed at 7.6o tilt angle facing 160o South based on a fixed high quality steel frame structure. The RWHPV system are located at Universiti Putra Malaysia PV pilot plant in Serdang district of Selangor which has a good rainfall collection throughout the year. The sample rainwater from RWHPV are stored in a container for detail analysis of water quality, nutrient, pH level, and heavy metal contents. Keywords- PV Catchment, Rainwater harvesting, Tropics, water nutrient, pH level