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Biomass Energy Thermal Water Pump

The objective of this research was to study a biomass energy thermal water pump (BTWP) in order to produce hot water. The BTWP was powered by vapor which was obtained thermal energy from a cookstove. The mangrove charcoal was used as fuel. The pump comprised an overhead tank (OT), liquid piston tank (LT), heating tank (HT), storage tank (ST), water cooling valve (WCV) and well tank (WT). The pump could operate automatically. The overall water heads of 3 and 4 m were tested. It was discovered that the pump efficiency was 0.0021% and 0.0048% depending on the overall water head. The pumped water volume was same 70 l within 1 h. The pump starts working at temperatures in the LT equal to 102�C. The average temperature of pumped water was around 42.8�44.9�C, which is sufficiently high for residential use. Index Terms- thermal water pump, charcoal, biomass, cookstove.