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A Proposed Model Of Learning Management System That Support The Major Characteristics Of E-Learning

Increasing numbers of students who attend various educational institutions, led to high volume of work required in these institutions from both the academic and administrative employees, and because the learning management systems and e-learning are the future in the academic area, they are adopted by many of the universities around the world. This research has many objectives, the first one is introducing the learning management systems and their benefits in e-learning, the second objective is comparing between the two most common Learning management systems which are Moodle and Black Board, and finally the researchers propose a model of learning management system to support major characteristics of e-learning. The proposed model consists of two variables the first one which is the independent variables that include application and integration, communication, assessment, content, and cost. The second variable is the dependent variable which is the success of learning management systems. The researchers will compose a suggested number of questions to measure these variables according the set hypotheses. Index Terms- e-learning, Learning Management System, Moodle, Blackboard.