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Experimental Analysis During The Long-Term Performance Of A Forced Circulation Solar Water Heating System Equipped With Flat Plate Collectors For The Mediterranean Climate Conditions

This work represents the performance analysis during the annual time period of a solar water heating system equipped with flat plate solar collectors for the Mediterranean climate conditions. For this purpose, recorded data from a field trial installation are exploited. The recorded data obtained every each 5-min are used to perform the analysis during a yearly period. The analysis is performed by using mathematical models and by representing the results for each month. Monthly values of useful heat gain from the solar collector field, useful heat gain from the storage, collector field efficiency, system efficiency, and solar fraction offered a clear view regarding the operation of a forced circulation solar water heating systems for this climate region. Also, the annual energy balance of the system obtained from calculation gives a clear view regarding the useful heat gains and the thermal losses in the considered system. Keywords- Experimental Analysis, Flat Plate Collector, Long Term Performance, Solar Water Heating System.