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Idea Visualization on Avatar Creation

Avatar was used as user�s symbol of identity in online communications such as online game, and portal community between unknown people. The development of this symbol is the use of animated character or avatar, which can engage learners in a way that draws them into the e-Learning experience. Immersive learning is one of the most effective learning techniques, and animated characters can help create an immersive environment. In this study, the students� preference on their avatar has been considered as part of their learning activity they wish to have it to represent themselves. Therefore, the sketching of their idea has been part of the integration into avatar creation in e-learning. This paper will illustrate their idea as part of the exploratory case study in understanding their preferences in avatar as an icon for themselves. Therefore, their idea can be represents themselves in the virtual world without physical approaches or appearance. This is to motivate their learning enthusiasm and it has been the responsibility of educators to incorporate their avatar as part of the new technology into their ways of teaching. Index Terms� Avatars, E-Learning, Idea Visualization, Teaching Environment, Learning Environment, Higher Education.