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Woven Diversification In Order to Strengthen the Export of Goyor Sarung Based on OVOP (One Village One Product) in Sragen Indonesia

Sarung goyor made in Sragen is an excellent product that is grown will be given the availability of potential and existing resources and has a clear market opportunity. In developing superior products mentioned, SME centers incorporated in the local Cooperative containers. In connection with this, the development of superior products sarung Goyor based One Village One Product (OVOP) support, both from the Government of Central Java Province, as well as the Central Government and the Higher Education scheme Hi Link. Research and development for the improvement of the technology applied. Technology selection methods used in the implementation of activities, namely: observation intended to observe goyor sarung woven products, manufacturing process innovation goyor sarung woven, equipment manufacture of loom machines new models in Kalijambe Sragen. Assistance on an individual basis is intended to determine the potential of individual craftsmen to be developed optimally. Keywords- Woven Sarung Goyor, Kalijambe Sragen, Strengthening Exports, OVOP.