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An Application of Experimental Design for Defect Reduction in Weaving Process

The purpose of this research is to reduce the number of defective denim fabrics caused by warp yarn rupture in the weaving process by using an experimental design technique. The weaving parameters were found to be major causes of defects. The influence of warp yarn tension, horizontal distance between backrest roller and warp beam, height of backrest roller, and height of harness frames were studied. A 24 factorial design with two replications was performed. The analysis of variance for the designed experiment showed the great influence of warp yarn tension and height of harness frames. From this study, an optimized combination of weaving parameters was determined and was proved to be superior to the original one. The experimental verification results showed that the number of warp yarn rupture defects decreased by 4.85%. Keywords´┐Ż Defect Reduction; Design Of Experiments; Denim Fabric; Textile Manufacturing; Warp Yarn Rupture.