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Water And Wastewater Infrastructure And Sustainability In Developing Countries � A Review

Urbanization creates water sustainability issues, which increases water consumption. For instance, in the Asia�Pacific areas, water consumption per day per person ranges from 250�300 litres, whereas in developing countries it is projected to range from 60�200 litres person per day, the increasing urbanization which leads to higher water consumption and the related demand for sanitation services dwelling large strain on water resources and infrastructure. The wastewater treatment plant is also compromised as cities expand because the infrastructure becomes unable to deal with the growing load of wastewater generated. Moreover, disposal of untreated sewage to water bodies is not acceptable and even transport over long distances through aging infrastructure taking the danger of leakage and contaminate groundwater due to leachate. The paper review four major challenges to providing safe water and sanitation on a global basis: (1) Climate change, (2) Population growth, (3) water pollution, (4) Rapid urbanisation growth Keywords- Water, Wastewater, Infrastructure, Sustainability, Developing countries.