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Factors Affecting To Participation And Cultivation Extent Of Other Field Crops: Heckman Two Stage Model Approach In Awlegama, Wariyapola, Sri Lanka

Crop diversification (CD) among small-scale farmers is a risk management strategy and an important step for transition from subsistence to commercial agriculture. The objective of this study is to, investigates the determinants of decision for participation and extent of CD in two different cultivation season using data collected through pre-structured questioner survey and focus group discussion from randomly selected 115 farmers at Awlegama, Wariyapola, Sri Lanka. The value of CD index was used as dependent variable. The Heckman two stage model was applied to estimate variables, separately the farmers´┐Ż decision on participation and extent of CD in both Maha and Yala. The factors that significantly affected for participation to CD were education, social capital (SC) and field location during both Yala and Maha. In addition main occupation, water source and market distance (MD) significant in Yala for CD participation. Sex and land area significantly involved to extent of CD in both season. In overall Heckman two stage model significantly explain situation in Awlegama on participation and extent of CD. Based on the findings the following recommendations were forwarded. The government should promote male participations to CD, invest on formal and informal education of the farmers, provide incentive for extension workers and improve the extension system. Capacity development in social organizations such as farmer and rural development organizations powerful tools to increase CD capacity among farmers. Transaction costs need strengthening rural urban infrastructure to link CD with markets. Keywords- Crop diversification index, Field location, Heckman-two-stage model, Herfindahl index , Wealth index.