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Quality Management of Teaching And Learning In Vietnam�s Tertiary Education: Significance of The Outcome-Based Approach

This paper discusses the significance of the application of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) approach to optimizing the quality management of teaching and learning in Vietnam�s tertiary education. The paper consists of four main parts: Part (1) provides an overview of the practices of OBE in Vietnam�s tertiary education; Part (2) analyzes the significance of the application of OBE to teaching and learning quality management; Part (3) mentions the principles for the application of OBE; and Part (4) presents the challenges of the implementation of OBE in Vietnamese context. Results show that there exist big gaps between the current practices and the principles of OBE implementation. The discussion in this paper may inspire further discussion and may be of interest to educational administrators and instructors at tertiary level. Keywords- quality management, teaching and learning, tertiary education, Vietnam, Outcome-Based Education.