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Screening Of Microalgae Consortium Species For Enhanced Co2 Fixation Under Actual Flue Gas Exposure And Profiling Of Its Biochemical Properties

This project explores the means to improve the CO2bio-fixation rate through selection of species. Consortium of species is isolated from the TNBJanamanjung�s outfall water, which has hinted a good success rate due to its potential of having good robust species there. Samples were taken, analysed, isolated and identified. Two species were made known through molecular identification as Chlorella sorokinianasp. and Chlorella Pyrenedoisa sp. A third species � a diatom was identified morphologically as Amphora sp. These species were later mixed with different volume concentrations with the existing Isochrysis sp. for CO2 fixation rates experiment. It was later determined that a ratio of 75% mixed species and 25% Isochrysis sp. by volume gave the best CO2 fixation rate of 0.965 g. CO2/ Bioactive compounds were also examined for this new consortium, of which good and encouraging contents and variability of protein (and its essential amino acids) and lipids (and its free fatty acid contents) were observed which provides information on potential downstream products development. Keywords- bioactive compounds, consortium, CO2 fixation rate, robust.