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Augmented Reality Based Expert Learning Assistant Model

Nowadays, increasing data should be converted into knowledge and competence and individuals should be grown with the ability to adapt this change. Thus, augmented reality techniques can be used for education. Augmented reality is a content enrichment system that aims to empower the perception of the user through placing computer-made voice, video, 2D or 3D objects on the real scene. Augmented reality applications have the structure to realize 3D interactive physical experience for the users by placing virtual objects on the real scene in line with the planned scenario. Thus, it helps the education processes to be more efficient while making it enjoyable. In this work, along with the current technologies, a new education model, which would carry the printed learning routines further to e-learning practices with the use of augmented reality, will be proposed. In this education model, the infrastructure realizes the use of the augmented reality objects through tablet, mobile phone or smart glasses as the education materials, a layered content management platform that would help both the creation of educational materials and users to receive them, analysis of the big data through data mining techniques and using the output for the user by the expert learning assistant will be proposed. Keywords´┐Ż E-learning, Expert System, Big Data, Augmented Reality, Data Mining