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High Strength, Weight Reduction, Range Increase, Fuel Saving; New Generation Material For Air Industy; Graphene

Upon receiving Nobel Prize 2010 Graphene has become one of the most popular material for scientists and researchers because of its features such as exceptionally high mechanical strength, high energy transmission, flexibility , heat resistance and superconductivity. In this paper, Graphene material, which is formed by carbon molecules in two dimensional hexagonal mesh structure, is investigated in terms of its contribution to high strength, weight reduction, range increase and fuel consumption decrease of aerial vehicles. It has been projected that Graphene�s flexibility will provide a great deal of convenience during manufacturing process. Furthermore, its mechanical properties are compared with aluminum composites which are already used in air vehicles and according to findings Graphene will be more functional than aluminum composites and will be a breakthrough material in future air industry. Keywords� Graphene, nanotechnology, aluminum composites, air industry, New generation material.