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Analysis of the Psychology of Ataturk in Turkish Independence War and its Effects on His Decision-Making Process

In this study, effects on his personality counted on situations Mustafa Kemal was born in, his family and condition of the Ottoman Empire and psychology was analyzed. It was analyzed that how to form his thoughts at military schools and on duties he took, effects of his psychology and savior role he assumed on his decision-making process. When everybody including Sultan was hopeless about independence, he was sure to save his country and fully trusted his nation. The psychology he had directed the Turkish Independence War and provided the establishment of Republic of Turkey. There were different factors that prepared him to national struggle. Most important ones are books he read, battles he took part and his travels to Europe. Books that Mustafa Kemal has written, interviews with him, newspaper articles and memories of people beside him were used while this study. Keywords- Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Turkish Independence War, First World War, National Struggle.