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To use or not to use: mobile learning?

Information technologies (IT) have made intense changes in human society. During the 21st century IT has seen the rapid and unprecedented development of a variety of mobile devices. The development and widespread use of mobile technology has led to its integration into the education sectors, resulting in the concept of mobile learning (m-learning). This paper is based on secondary sources of data such as books, journal articles, thesis and conference proceedings. It defines m-learning, discusses the differences between e-learning and m-learning, and outlines the advantages and disadvantages of m-learning. It also describes current use of m-learning and concludes that it plays an important role in education. This paper aims to provide an overview of mobile learning for either those who have not decided yet whether or not to use m-learning or those who are not familiar with this concept. Educationalists can benefit from information on the advantages of m-learning and how it can be implemented. Keywords´┐Ż e-leaRning, Information Technology, m-Learning.