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Japanese University Students´┐Ż Cultural Identities Categorized By Overseas Experience And Gender

This paper examines the cultural identities of Japanese university students categorized by overseas experience and gender. It presents results of a discriminant analysis of identity maps drawn by 94 respondents. Resulting functions reveal which of nine codes were significantly different between four groups categorized by gender and overseas experience. Function 1 primarily separated those who had lived abroad from those who had not and was marked by positive scores on Global identity markers. Function 2, which primarily separated the genders, suggests that males tended to have stronger National identities, while females demonstrated stronger alliances with Relationships. These results confirm recent studies by the author suggesting that both gender and overseas experience are important factors influencing the identities of Japanese university students and this publication is intended to contribute to research on cultural identities. Index terms- Japanese university students, Cultural identity, Human relationships, Gender, Overseas experience