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Promoting University Students� Professional Self-Efficacy Through Social Services

Research found that university students� empathy towards others has dropped greatly since 1980 and the so-called �Generation Me� has made many young people overlook their civil responsibilities (Shia, 2010). Lewis (2009) regarded that university education should emphasize more on the cultivation of citizenship. How to shorten the distance between university students and the society and make them care about the society has become an important issue in higher education. In Taiwan, implementing social services into curriculum has been a strong focus for second and tertiary education since 2001 (Hu, 2011). However, research on whether providing such social services can help enhance one�s well-beings either psychologically or physically is absent from literature. Hence, the goals of this study are to look at related literature on service learning, and how it might help enhance university students� professional self-efficacy. In this paper, an example of social service implemented in a required Practicum course, is provided to illustrate the theoretical foundation of service-learning. Keywords- service learning, practicum, professional self-efficacy, social service