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The Returning Back �Home� And The Searching For Identity Of Displaced People In Good Morning Luang Prabang Film

The returning back to hometown for displaced people allows them to see and learn various things such as different people, societies, and cultures through various paths. These acquisitions of knowledge does not provide only cognition, but it can be linked with thought, feeling, emotion, identity, and the feeling to become part of the area as well. This travel provides an opportunity to trace and learn the history of ancestors, families, and communities that we do not understand or we have never recognized it. This research is focused on the travel of a half Laotian-Australian actor who is living in Bangkok, and he has his trip to Laos, his dad�s hometown, from the film named Good Morning Luang Prabang. From this study, it was found that the travel had provided a chance for the main actor to learn Laos�s identity and it helped him to recreate relationship between himself and �home� in Laos. Such identity could be created through the revival of history of family and ancestor, the study on relationship of Laos�s community, and the reading and understanding of customs, tradition, and culture through while he was on his journey in Laos. The understanding of identity helps the main actor to belong to family, community and Laoness. Moreover, it leads him to become aware of �home,� and it helps him to go back to live in the urban society like Bangkok without feeling lonely and desolately. Keywords� Identity, Home, Displaced People.