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Effect Of Environmental Risk Factors On Male Infertility

Introduction:To study the effect of physical occupation on infertility in descriptive study of men attempting to conceive. Method: A total of 501 couples discontinuing contraception were followed for 1 year while trying to conceive; 473 men (94%) provided one semen sample, and 80% provided a second sample.This was a descriptive analytical study of 106 men discontinuing contraception were followed for 1 year.They had two semen analyses at least. Also the patients were divided into 2 groups based on exposure and non- exposure to environmental risk factors. Results: 42 (39%) of the total had normal semen analysis, from other 64 patients who had abnormal semen analysis 25 (39%) had no exposure. 18 (28%) of men with abnormal semen analysis were driver. 12(18%) of them were agriculturist. 3 (4.68%) of them were welder. 3(4.68%) of patients were baker. 3(4.68%) of them were coal man and one of them(1.5%) was car painter. Conclusion:Taken together we clarified in our study that some occupations like agricultures drivers and workers might be more associated with male infertility. Key words- male, infertility, occupation