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Land Versus Water Aerobic: Effects on Muscle Strentgh in Overweight Collegiate Females

Sedentary lifestyle is the contributing factor towards decrement in muscle strength and increment in overweight/obesity cases.Exercises in aquatic environment were said to be safer but less effective compared to exercise performs on land in improving health aspects of overweight/obese people.This study aims to compare the effects between land and water aerobic exercise on total body strength thus, to determine which exercise demonstrate greater improvement on selected outcome measureamong overweight collegiate females. A total of 75 overweight collegiate females involved in this study and were randomly assigned to three groups (25 land aerobic, 25 water aerobic, 25 control). Total body strength was measured using handheld grip dynamometers device.Both intervention groups engaged in aerobic exercises workout for nine weeks, three times per week and one hour per session. Total body strength in each group was measured at baseline, week five, and at post-exercise.Significant increment in total body strength were found in both exercise groups across observations (p<.05). Water aerobic demonstrated greater improvement in total body strength compared to land aerobic (p<.05). In conclusion, exercise in aquatic environment is more effective and safer compared to exercise on land as a means to developed muscle strength in overweight collegiate females. Keywords� Water Aerobic, Land Aerobic, Muscle Strength, Overweight Females