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Effect of Silica Fume And Super Plasticizer On Fresh and Hardened Properties of Pervious Concrete

Pervious concrete is an environmental friendly building material which is quickly gaining recognition as a green building component. Pervious Concrete is a porous concrete which allows for rain and storm water runoff to percolate through it rather than flooding surrounding areas or storming drains. The present work involves systematic study of fresh and hardened properties of pervious concrete using different size of the aggregates with constant water cement ratio 0.34. The cement aggregates ratio has been taken as 1:4. Different properties such as workability, compressive strength, spilt tensile strength, flexural strength and bond strength of pervious concrete have been studied experimentally by replacing cement with silica fume (6% by weight of cement) and by adding super plasticizer (CICO PLAST SUPER) 0.25% and 0.13%. Keywords- Concrete, Pervious Concrete, Silica Fume, Super Plasticizer