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Experimental Study On Stability Of Emulsion Asphalt Mixture Made With Extracted Bitumen Of Buton Natural Rock Asphalt (EB-BRA)

Buton natural rock asphalt (BRA) consists of 30% of bitumen and 70% of mineral. Extracted bitumen of BRA (EB-BRA) was blended with cationic emulsion, kerosene, chloride acid, calcium chloride and water to produce asphalt emulsion. Marshall specimens were used to study the stability of emulsion asphalt mixture containing EB-BRA. The test showed that the application of asphalt emulsion made with EB-BRA in the production of asphalt concrete wearing course mixture result in a proper stability. Furthermore, the increasing of curing time led to stability development and flow decline in all asphalt emulsion mixtures Keywords´┐Ż Asphalt emulsion, Extracted bitumen of Buton natural rock asphalt (EBBRA), Stability, Flow.