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Integrating English, Linguistic, Literature And Arts All At Once In Phonology Subject In English Department

This research aimed at analyzing the result of students�tasksof phonology subject in English department. The purpose of this research was how to integrate teaching English, Linguistic Literature and Arts all at once for EFL learners. The research focused on: 1. howto integrate English, linguistic, literature and Arts in the form of phonology task, 2. how to exercise students� English and linguistic, and, 3. how to engage students� poem�s making and creativity represented in the tasks.The theory used are phonology, phonetic symbol, poetry and creativity in arts. The research conducted in a qualitative manner. The used data were the authentic assessment, in the form of phonetic symbol poems tasks submitted in the end of the semester. Having collected twenty phonetic symbols poemsselected randomly, the researchers found that in subject of phonology, EFL learners can integrate learning English, linguistic, and literature and arts all at once. So that, the students are triggered to practicetheir English in the form of writing phonetic symbols.Besides, they are also habituate to write phonetic symbols in good manner. Last, the students� creativity and arts� side can be also combined in order to synchronize the theme of the poem and actualize their creative arts as the exterior element of the poem. To sum up, for EFL learners, phonology subject can integrate learning English, linguistic, literature and arts all at once.