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Green Plasticulture

The use of plastic components in agriculture has helped the sector to develop and produce more yield compare to the ancient times. Modern use of plastic in agriculture is defined as Plasticulture and been referred any application of thermoplastic including polyethylene and polypropylene on the soil surfaces, mulching system and green houses. The importance of Plasticulture in modern technique of farming is tremendous especially in improving the soil structure, controlling soil temperature in seasonal countries, controlling weeds and soil-borne diseases and as seedlings carriers from the nurseries to plantation fields. Green Plasticulture refers to sustainable type of polymeric materials used in agriculture that contributes significantly less impact to environment and the soil, especially. Many countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia depend heavily in agricultural sectors thus causing the plastic uses in the field as enormous. This paper review Plasticulture in agricultural and plantation sectors in some important agricultural-based countries. Keywords´┐Ż Polyethylene, Plasticulture, Sustainable Agriculture, Photodegradation, Polymer Degradation.