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Potential of Biogas Production From Co-Digestion of Domestic Wastewater And Food Waste At Mesophilic Condition

This research investigation examined the potential of biogas production from the co-digestion of domestic wastewater and food waste through mesophilic condition.The samples were fermented in the ratio of 10:90, 25:75, 50:50 and 70:30 of food waste : wastewater at 35oc.The results revealed that the highest biochemical methane production (BMP) and chemical oxygen demand (COD) removal efficiency were 61.72 ml CH4 g-1 COD and 75.77 %, respectively, at the ratio of 10:90 for domestic wastewater and food waste. These primary results indicated the significance of co-digestion of domestic wastewater with food waste for biodegradation and biogas production. Keywords- Anaerobic Treatment, Co-Digestion, Biogas, Domestic Wastewater, Food Waste.