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Efficiency Analysis of Garment Manufacturing: In-House Manufacturing Versus Outsourcing

Garment manufacturing has a network structure when both outsourcing and in-house manufacturing are considered. This paper develops a network DEA model, taking the internal structure of the network system into account, to measure the system and process efficiencies at the same time. The efficiency of the system can be decomposed into those of the processes, and the inefficient ones can thus be identified. The data of a garment manufacturing firm is used for illustration. For the two major operations of the firm, cutting and sewing, the former is less efficient than the latter, although. The difference between the efficiencies of in-house manufacturing and outsourcing for cutting is not significant. For sewing, in contrast, in-house manufacturing is less efficient than outsourcing. This indicates that, in addition to the lower cost, outsourcing is also faster. Index Terms- out sourcing, in-house manufacturing, data envelopment analysis, efficiency, garment industry.