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Challenges Of Seawater Desalination In Oman And Study Of Lead (PB), Cadmium (CD), Nickel (NI), Chromium (CR) Heavy Metals In Seawater

Over the last three decades, the dependency of sea water desalination process is ever increasing in Sultanate of Oman. This development has posed heavy asking to the existing desalination plants in the country which strives hard to meet the growing demand of fresh water supply for the domestic, industrial and commercial activities. Desalination of seawater is predominately energy consuming process. Most of the desalination plants are now operating on reverse osmosis, and presence of lead, Cadmium, Nickel and Chromium pose a serious threat to the process. This paper presents an overview of sea water desalination in Oman challenges due to presence of dangerous substances likeLead, Cadmium, Nickel and Chromium in sea water IndexTerms� Desalination, Water demand, Heavy metals.