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The Use of ICT In Teaching Subtraction to The First Grade Students

The aim of this study is to investigate the question: �Can Information and Communications Technology (ICT) helps to improve primary school students� mathematical achievements for subtraction?� The applied educational software consisted of a story and several activities with and without the use of computers which were designed following the background of Realistic Mathematics Education for mathematical concepts; referred to as the �First Grade Subtraction Model� (FGSM). In addition, we use the mathematical test TEMA-3 to explore the use of ICT in the primary classroom for teaching basic mathematical concepts. It is a task orientated test which attends to measure the level of mathematical competence developed for students of the first grade. The study dealt with students in the first grade of primary school of Athens, who were divided into two teams (experimental and control). The experimental group consisted of 35 students, who were taught of subtraction by the support of computers. There were 42 students in the control group, which received only the traditional science instruction for subtraction. Students in both groups were pre-tested and post tested for their mathematical performance. The results of the study indicated that teaching and learning through ICT is an interactive process for children at primary school level and has a positive effect for mathematical education of subtraction. Keywords- ICT, Realistic Mathematics Education, Subtraction, First Grade.