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Thermodynamic And Pinch Analysis Of Evaporator For Ammonia-Water Based Power Generation Cycle

This paper presents a thermodynamic performance and pinch point analysis of evaporator for ammonia-water based power generation cycle when the heat source is low-temperature energy in the form of sensible heat and the heat transfer is operated under the condition of pinch temperature difference. In the analysis, effects of the ammonia mass fraction and pressure of ammonia-water mixture are investigated on the system performance including the effectiveness of heat transfer, entropy generation, second-law efficiency, and pinch point conditions. The results show that the pinch-point temperature shows a discontinuous behavior and ammonia mass fraction and pressure of the mixture have significant effects on the system performance of evaporator. Index Terms´┐Ż Entropy, Exergy; Ammonia-Water Mixture; Heat Exchanger, Pinch Point.