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Combining Sms And Web Based Technology To Boost Livestock In Developing Countries Case Study Of Rwanda

The majority of rural populations in developing counties live on livestock or in a combination of livestock and agriculture. These farmers are facing many challenges. They have an insufficient number of veterinarians, and poor communication system which cause many problems in their livestock farming activities. Information communication technology�s infrastructure in place, such as, internet penetration rate, mobile phone penetration rate, telecommunication coverage area should to be considered when proposing a solution to improve livestock stakeholders� communications. In many developing countries, the internet penetration rate is lower than mobile phone penetration rate. A combination of both internet and Short Message Service (SMS) in a solution covers the maximum number of farmers for a greater change. In this paper, with Rwanda taken as a case study, a solution of combining SMS and Web based technology to boost livestock is proposed. Its purpose is to improve livestock farming activities by providing communication groups, marketing pages and capacity building information. All expected functions and benefits are illustrated. Index Terms� Communication groups, Livestock, Short Message Services (SMS) and Web based technology.