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Physico-Chemical Properties of Pregelatinized Mung Bean Flour by Drum Drying And Extrusion Process

This research was conducted to study the physicochemical properties of mungbean flour and to study the optimum processing for production of pregelatinizedmungbean flour by using drum drier and twin screw extruder. The temperature of drum was at 100, 120, and 140 �C. Extrusion condition was set at 3 levels of water pump (30, 45 and 60 %). The results showed that all pregelatinizedmungbean flour caused a significant increase in WAI, solubility and swelling power. Pasting properties measured by RVA displayed a lower peak viscosity of pregelatinized flour compared to native flour. Thermal analysis showed that gelatinization enthalpy of pregelatinized flour was lower than native flour. The starch granules obtained by polarized light microscopy exhibited complete gelatinization. The granular structure was disrupted and no birefringence was observed under polarized light. Pregelatinizedmungbean flour produced by drum drying and extrusion process can modifying flour properties and can be applied in a wide variety of food products. Keywords- Pregelatinized flour, Mungbean, Drum drying, Extrusion.