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WMOS: A Shift From Manual to Digital Monitoring of Operation and Maintenance

Significant challenges in monitoring and management of the clean water facilities have resulted in damaging 30% of the clean water supply to the rural population of Tanzania. Lack of an efficient and sophisticated system is the one of the reasons for this impact. Proper methodology for monitoring of operation and maintenance of water supply facilities is perceived as important solution for the improving Tanzania�s rural water supply coverage. The aim of this study is to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for proper monitoring of operations and maintenance of water facilities in Tanzania. The study proposes the utilization of a web-based system which will be maintained by the water engineers. Short Message Services (SMSs) are sent by community members through mobile phones to a web page. During the evaluation phase of the study, data will be analyzed with the help of various statistical methods carried out in 3-stages: (i) lab Test, (ii) expert walk-through, and (iii) Field test Keyword- Information Communication Technologies; Sustainable Development; Water Management.