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Effect of Pre-Treatment And Biochemical Methane Potential of Wastewater From The Production of Biodiesel

This research aimed to study the effect of acidification in comparing with enzyme pretreatment on the biodegradability and BMP of biodiesel wastewater. The acid pretreatment can destroy emulsion form of this wastewater and resulted easier oil separation. Therefore the O&G was highly removed (95.27%), but it yielded higher VFA and acidity after treatment. For enzymatic pretreatment, it was also effective in O&G removal (78.63%) but the VFA was also decreased and pH after treatment was more suitable for biological treatment in following. The study of BMP for pretreated wastewater was conducted and it was found that the pretreated wastewater either by acidification or enzyme yielded higher methane production than that of non-pretreated biodiesel wastewater. However, the biodiesel wastewater pretreated with acidification gave higher accumulative methane volume than that pretreated by enzyme. Keywords- Biodiesel Wastewater, Biochemical Methane Potential (BMP), Acidification, Enzyme.