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How Sporting Goods Brands Show Their Sport Brand Authenticity?

Brand strategy is one of the key factors for successful corporate management. The first step of strong brand building is setting up the brand core image, brand identity. Nowadays brand authenticity is studied as a core branding source by some marketing field researchers. This research focuses on the brand authenticity can make sporting goods brand succeed consistently. Sport authentic brands are loved by customers as their loyal sporting goods brand. Customers consume a sporting brand as an image of authentic high performing athletes. This research defined sport brand authenticity based on the former studies of social science. And this research showed the differences in brand communication between sport authentic brand and non-sport authentic brand through content analysis of sporting goods brand website. There were meaningful differences in their way of brand communication. Sport authentic brands tried to show images of sports activities and their high performing equipment in their website, and their communication sources are more concentrated on male, elite athlete with impassive and serious face. Authenticity, Brand Communication, Sport Brand Authenticity, Content Analysis