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Development Of Holonic Manufacturing System Contract Net By Considering Component Commonality

Holonic Manufacturing System (HMS) is a system that is based on the holon. Holon is a building block manufacturing system which has the characteristics of autonomous and cooperative. Autonomous allows holon taking independent decisions without waiting for high level instruction. Cooperative halon used to cooperate in achieving production goals. One kind of HMS implementation in the manufacturing system is the establishment of structuring resources with contract net principles developed by Hsieh (2010). Contract net is the mechanism of forming holon with the aim of minimizing the production time. This paper develops model of HMS contract net by considering the component commonality. HMS contract net is used to guide the manufacturing resources be holarchy that production time can be reduced. Manufacturing resources in this study consist of machine production machine that can reduce the operational time of production considering the application of component commonality. The result of this research are HMS contract net by considering component commonality able to reduce time production. It was found that the greater the value of the index component commonality, diminishing production time needed to complete the order. Based on the comparison of the total time for 5 years showed that the minimum savings that can be obtained by the company amounted to 1 535 minutes and maximum savings obtained company is 1937 minutes when applying component commonality. Meanwhile, the average savings is 1713, 6 min. This indicates that the application of component commonality is better than company produces order without component commonality. Keywords: HMS, Component Commonality, Contract Net, Operational Time.